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The staff at Irene's Spa & Wellness has been expertly trained to help you select the best products for your skin and lifestyle. Thank you for supporting our small business by purchasing professional products from us. If you don't see a product, contact us directly as we have more of each line available at our spa!

Jan Marini Skin Research:  The recognized leader and innovator in skin care that is committed to continually improving the professional skin care market with products from peels to moisturizers.

Rosa Graf: One of the world’s most comprehensive, ground-breaking and advanced skincare product lines for anti-aging skincare, protection and prevention.

GEHWOL®: Internationally recognized as a high quality line of foot care products since its creation in Lübbeke, Germany in 1868 by the pharmacist Eduard Gerlach.

dōTERRA: Committed to sharing the life-enhancing benefits of therapeutic-grade essential oils and enhanced wellness products with the world.

Rosa Graf
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